The Wedding and Baby Phase of Life

Happy Monday! Hope everyone feels better rested than I do. This Olympic coverage has me staying up way past my bed time. But I can’t seem to rip myself away. It is so good! How about the men’s relay last night?!? I was cheering so hard. I always forget how much fun it is to cheer on the USA in the Olympics.

Anyway, back to the weekend. It was a good one but one where I can’t help but sit back and laugh at how every weekend seems to have some sort of wedding or baby event. Welcome to your (almost) 30s!

The college school year is about to start back which means Will is going to be working a lot more, later and on weekends. It used to be that I also worked those hours but since I made the career switch in March this will be the first year that I have to adjust to being home while Will works. Friday was our first night like that. So I went to the gym, tried a new zumba class and loved my instructor. Then went to the grocery store and came home to cook dinner and watch the Opening Ceremony until Will got home. It will certainly be an adjustment but I do love some quiet/alone time so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Saturday morning we were up and out the door early to pick up my mother-in-law and head to a baby shower for the wife of one of Will’s best friends. Will was the best man in their wedding and we are so excited for our little nephew! When we picked up Will’s mom we laughed at the fact that we were wearing the same outfit! No time to change so off we went. When we got to the shower one of my close friends, Samantha, was already there, also wearing the same outfit. White pants and navy tops for the win!


The boys went off for a day on the lake and we ate lunch, played games and watched Lauren open all her gifts. We had so much fun straying from the registry and buying him his first basketball hoop! It may be some time before he can use it but we can’t wait to play basketball with him! I also got him the sweetest rattle in the shape of North Carolina with his name on it from Bannor Toys. If you all need a shower gift you should go buy one. Everyone was asking where I got it and I could tell Lauren loved it. She is in the middle of the photo below. She is two in October and you can’t even tell she is pregnant! She is so tiny!

Sunday morning started with a great church service. It was the last day of Vacation Bible School and it was so fun to see the kiddos play the instruments we made, sing the songs we learned and laugh and giggle. Our Pastor is also the best and had props for his sermon, knowing he would need to entertain all these kids! He had a fishing pole, golf club and his dog! Definitely one of the best sermons of the year.

Then we once again picked up Will’s mom and headed to a coffee shop to meet another of Will’s good friends, his wife and his mom to plan the wedding shower of the last of Will’s closest friends. The four guys will all be married come December and we have all come together to throw showers for each other. I can’t wait for this shower in October. We are going with a fall theme, pumpkins and cider and pretty fall decorations. I can’t wait!

All the activities had us pretty wiped out on Sunday night so we ate leftovers and watched Olympic coverage. I can’t get enough and I am going to have to start making myself turn it off and go to bed earlier or I will be useless for the next two weeks!

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7 thoughts on “The Wedding and Baby Phase of Life

  1. Ashley

    I just can’t turn off the Olympics either, they’re just too addicting to watch! I’m debating about recording them so I can still watch some of my other TV shows and then fast forward through the commercials. It’s 100% true what you said about your 30’s being all about weddings and babies! We’ve definitely started to have way more friends popping out babies as we’ve gotten older!


  2. I love that you guys all matched! Clearly it was the outfit of the day. So I confess that I haven’t watched a single minute of the Olympics this weekend. Normally I am all about gymnastics but I didn’t even really think about it.


  3. Thank you for linking up today! I am with you…the Olympics has me sucked in and when my alarm went off at 4:15 this morning I was immediately dreading staying up so late! But I can’t.stop.watching! =)


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