Here We Go Again

Ok, I am really going to do this. For real this time. And by this I mean start and keep a blog. I did once before. I did a book review blog that I kept up reasonably well for over a year. I even started to get a decent following and authors started sending my review copies. It was a great year. And then I moved to North Carolina, started a job that was 80 hours a week and it all went poof.

I had every intention of starting one again when Will and I got engaged. But I still had that 80-hour a week job and no one tells you how time consuming wedding planning is. So it just didn’t happen.

Then I swore I would start one at the beginning of 2016. Document the last few months of our engagement and our wedding and our honeymoon and newlywed life and turning 30. And then on January 7 I quit my job and embarked on a few of the hardest months of my entire life. You try planning a wedding and paying your bills without a job. (Ok, don’t actually try it, it was terrible. But also the best thing that ever happened to me).

Now here we are, one-month post wedding, still a few months shy of 30, and I am going to do this. I read other people’s blogs obsessively and I can’t wait to share those. And I really want to document, mostly for myself, all the really fun things I feel like we do. We have this great life and if I don’t slow down and document it how are all my friends, and great-great-great-great grandkids, going to know that I have read every James Patterson book ever and we eat tomato sandwiches for dinner all too often.

So expect a lot of “here is what I made for dinner” with a little “here is what I am reading now” with more than a few “here is what we did this weekend” and a bunch of “here is this thing I love right now.” Let’s not forget there will start with a bunch of “here is all the stuff from our wedding!”