Five on Friday | August 5, 2016

Thank you Friday for finally gracing us with your presence. This week went slow even though it was full of work. I have two major projects happening at work right now and it is wearing me out. Thankfully, I now have two blissful days to turn my brain off!


This week one of my besties and I decided to join the YMCA together to get our lazy selves back in shape. I haven’t worked out a single time since the wedding and I think in those two months I have eaten all the food I didn’t eat during the year and a half we planned the wedding. So basically I have been gross and need to get back on it. Since I changed jobs right before the wedding I went from having a gym on site I could use to needing another option. I just ran at home before the wedding but August in NC means you are crazy to run outside. So we joined the YMCA because we want to be able to do group classes. This week she talked me in to a spinning class. My first one ever. Man, what a workout! We did it Tuesday and I am still having trouble walking! Maybe I shouldn’t have jumped right back on that particular horse.



Did you know Tuesday was National Coloring Book Day? I didn’t. But apparently my husband got an email from Michaels that told him and it included a coupon. So I got this happy surprise when I got home from that crazy hard spinning class on Tuesday!



Is it hotter than the surface of the sun where you live too? Well I’m glad it isn’t just us. Misery loves company and all that. So spend some time this weekend making this yummy peach ice cream and cool yourself down. You’re welcome.




Last night we helped at Vacation Bible School at our church. We helped move the 3 and 4-year-olds from station to station. I had so much fun and love kiddos at that age. But I am the oldest of four. Will is an only child and little kids still freak him out a bit. At 6-5 he always feels like he might step on someone. It is so funny to watch him try to get down on their level. We were definitely outnumbered too. Love moments like these at our amazing church but I am also sure after that we are not ready for kids yet. Talk to me in a year.




We sat down this week and looked at the Panthers schedule and picked the games we are going to. Will’s dad has two season tickets so we have to split them up and share the tickets. Sometimes he buys the two tickets of the people next to us and we all four get to go. The Panthers were amazing last year and we even got to go to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, that one didn’t end they way we wanted. But I am so looking forward to the three games were are locked in to attending. And planning some viewing parties for the games we watch at home!


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5 thoughts on “Five on Friday | August 5, 2016

  1. YEP. I totally have that coloring book and LOVE it. I’m right there with you about the laziness thing since the wedding haha It’s tough!! Especially since it has been sooo hot out.


  2. Ashley

    We have the ice cream attachment for our kitchen aide as well and we absolutely love it! It was so much fun to make ice cream with my nieces last year. Maybe I should break it out again this weekend… That’s so awesome that your FIL has season tickets to the Panthers! My mom shares season tickets to the Texas A&M games, so it’s always a big deal splitting up the tickets every year.


  3. So cool that you got to go to the Super Bowl last year! I don’t hate the panthers. I am first and foremost a Steelers fan, but I like the Packers, Panthers and Falcons as well. I am more faithful to college football though, catching NFL here and there.

    Love that coloring book!!! And congrats on joining the YMCA. It is all about consistency, your stamina to handle those classes will build fast!!


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