Float On

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. We have been going, going, going so much lately that we decided this weekend needed to be slowed down. We still got out and had some fun on Saturday (I’ll get to that) but Sunday was super quiet and involved going to church, cleaning out the refrigerator and doing laundry. Both nights involved going to bed super early which we clearly needed. Now lets get to the good stuff…


On Saturday we had a group of 14 friends and friends of friends who spent the day tubing down the Dan River. It was a great day with hilarious people and plenty of tasty beverages. The husband and I sent out and email to a bunch of friends and they sent it to their people and the result was a group of 14 very random humans who came together, made new friends and had a great day.


We got there pretty close to when they opened which was great because there was a group of 70 from a local church ahead of us, so we needed to get our names on the list. You sign in, pay for your tubes, and then wait for your turn on the bus to take you down to the drop in point. Then you float, stop at rocks and sand bars if you want, and when you get to the end you hop out and turn in your tubes. We stopped a good bit because we didn’t have plans afterward but if you wanted to just float straight through it would have lasted about 2 1/2 hours because the water was pretty high. I have been in the past when the water was lower and it took almost four hours to float. We brought the Go Pro, a cooler of beer and snacks and had a great time. Thank goodness for the Go Pro to capture some great photos without the risk of dumping your phone in the Dan River! In past years we always rented your basic black tube and had a great time. But this year we splurged for what we called the “Cadillac tube” that had a bottom, back rest and drink holder. Totally worth the extra eight dollars!


Even though all we did was float we were worn our when we got home. So we picked up some take-out, ate dinner and went to bed early! It was a great summer day!

Hope you all had a great weekend too! What fun did you find? Anyone else out there love a day floating on the river?

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8 thoughts on “Float On

  1. Rebecca Jo

    That is my way of doing a river. None of that kayaking stuff – let me float along … with friends all around! That just looks like the best weekend!


  2. Ashley

    Tubing is seriously so much fun, and it’s even better when you have a great group of people to go with! I’m glad that you had Sunday to recover!


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