Five on Friday | July 8, 2016

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great (short) week!


I’ve decided I need this shirt. Not want, need. In our family we refer to champagne as bubbles and they are not saved for special occasions. They are for every day. Someday I will share the video of me opening a bottle of champagne with a sword. At a Carolina Panthers tailgate. So did I mention I need this shirt?



Occasionally we don’t drink champagne. And last weekend we took one of our favorite champagne beverages, the mimosa, and substituted beer, the dadmosa. Check out how to make your own and enjoy!



I tried really hard not to be “that bride” through the entire wedding planning process. Hopefully my husband, bridesmaids and vendors would agree I succeeded. But this week I failed when I sent my photographer a (really sweet) email asking for an update on our photos. I felt awful even doing it but waiting on wedding photos is the WORST! And you will hear me say often that patience is not my virtue. Thankfully Danielle Flake Photography is the greatest ever and that night she uploaded 100 photos to hold me over until I get them all! Here is one of my favorites. And seriously, if you are in NC and need a photographer call Danielle. She and her husband are the best.




I’m starting to become one of the women with a LuLaRoe addiction. My friend Carolyn turned me on to the clothes a few months ago and then I started following allllll the facebook groups. So far I only have one pair of leggings and one Randy shirt. But I can feel myself falling down the rabbit hole. What is everyone’s favorite?


I got kicked out of my own living room this week for trying to catch up on Big Brother. This show is my guiltiest pleasure. I had watched every season until a few years ago when the husband refused to watch it with me. So we watched America’s Got Talent instead. But for some reason I jumped back in this summer and I am loving this season. But the husband still refuses to watch it. So I get sent upstairs. Anyone else love this ridiculous show? What is your guilty pleasure?

Have a wonderful, sunshiney weekend!

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