Weekend Slow Down

This weekend was enjoyed at a much slower speed than any I can remember in a while. It was nice to relax and not have every moment planned for a change. Because of Will’s job cranking up to include nights and weekends again, he had to work Saturday, we always try and cram as much fun as possible in to the summer because the weekends aren’t ours during the school year. But it also leads to some end of summer burnout because we never really relaxed. Every summer we say we will do better. And every summer we don’t. Maybe next year.

On Friday we just hung out and watched the Panthers/Patriots preseason game. It certainly didn’t go the way this Panthers fan wanted but it is just the preseason. Which I had to gently remind my husband… repeatedly.

Saturday Will had to work and I have another baby shower to go to. This one was for the wife of someone I used to work with. It was fun to catch up with people I used to see every day but haven’t gotten to spend much time with lately. Also they are having a little girl, where I feel like all my other friends are having boys, so it was sweet to see all the little girl clothes and the amazing nursery. My friend hand painted this! How incredible.

After Will got home on Saturday we grilled up burgers and finished watching Stranger Things. If you haven’t watched it get on Netflix right now. It is so good and totally not something I would have watched on my own. Not really my normal genre, but I am so glad the hubby made me watch it with him because I really enjoyed it. I need them to confirm season 2!

We also got some not-great news this weekend. One of our best friends was driving to Ohio to visit his parents on Thursday when he was hit by a drunk driver less than 20 minutes from his house. He has a concussion, but is otherwise fine, but his truck it totaled. He woke up in the hospital with zero recollection of what happened which is super scary. He ended up having to fly back to NC yesterday so we picked him up from the airport. He isn’t cleared to drive so Will has to bring him to work and he lives alone so I am just generally worried about him. So say a little prayer as he continues to heal and deal with the legal/insurance madness ahead.

Sunday we went to church, picked our friend up from the airport and did some grocery shopping/cleaning of the house. I thought it was going to be a totally chill day when Will told me to get in the shower and get cleaned up. I did as I was told and was rewarded with a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate three months of being married. I swear, that guy gets the importance of celebrating the little things! It was delicious and we had so much fun just chatting and enjoying the beautiful restaurant. I should have taken photos but mostly I forgot because I was just enjoying myself and even left my phone in the car.

So there it is, our very unplugged, no photo weekend. Sometimes that is just what we need.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Slow Down

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. Drunk driving is something that really really gets to me. It is so stupid and pointless!!! I can honestly say I have never been behind the wheel when my judgement is questionable and I wish other people would be respectful enough of human life to do the same. There was a drunk driver in our parking lot at work last night that wrecked their car on the drop off. I mean, it takes a special idiot to do something that is so obvious!

    In lighter things, that painting in the nursery is adorable! I couldn’t get in to Stranger Things.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I hope his recovery is quick.

    I love low-key weekends the best. I feel like our weekends are always jam packed, especially when I have to work a weekend. Downtime is good for the soul!


  3. Ashley

    I feel like we’re always go, go , go during the summer, and I wish that we would just relax a little bit more too! Thank goodness your friend is ok! That’s so scary about the accident, and since his truck was totaled, he’s really so lucky!


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