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I’ve found a few things around the internet lately that made me stop and think. Then I wanted to email them to my husband, sister and best friends. I figured if they all liked them you would to.

What Do We Deserve has gone viral for all of the conversation it sparked in the comments section… positive, negative, and so many people reinforcing exactly the kind of mindset she’s calling out. Even more fascinating (to me anyway) than the article is the comments below. I sent it to my husband and that sparked a great conversation. Read it.

Why You Need To Take A Lunch Break was something I ironically read while eating lunch at my desk. I hate that I regularly eat lunch at my desk at my new job but I really do. This got me planning to change that at least a day or two a week.

Hesitant to Make That Big Life Change? Permission Granted is something I think we all need to be told. This is a lesson I learned in a major way in 2016. Stop waiting for permission to do that big, life-changing thing. Do it.

Have you shopped at your favorite stores lately and thought, these clothes just aren’t as nice as I remember. I know I have. And this article validates that thought. It was really interesting to read that the major stores are struggling. And don’t even get me start on what tiny lady is supposed to fit in some of those clothes. But this 5-9 woman can’t begin to try.

What interesting things have you read lately?




3 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. Girl, I never not take a lunch break. I don’t care how busy I am…even if it isn’t the “full hour” I have to step away for a few minutes. I bring my lunch to work four days every week so I eat in the break room but it is not my desk.


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