We Are Giants

Happy Monday! No lie, I am exhausted. We packed this weekend right to the brim with fun and a major thunder storm kept us up way past my bed time last night so everything is moving a little slow this morning. But I still want to share all the fun!

Friday was a double date night with one of my best friends. She lived in NC, where we met when we used to work together. Then she took a job in Georgia for a few years and just recently moved back up here. And this week her boyfriend made the move up here too so we went out Friday to celebrate. We headed to one of my favorite spots in town, Crafted. And the artwork outside cracked me up!


Saturday Will golfed in the morning so I did some shopping. I made homemade ice cream last week and it has been stored in my loaf pan. Not ideal. So I went out and found these adorable ice cream containers at Sur la Table. IMG_5892After Will got home, and showered (because golf when it is 100 degrees outside makes for a gross smell) we headed to see some friends who just had their second baby. Her name is Salem and she is just under a month old. She is so cute and I just couldn’t get enough baby! Her 2-year-old brother “little Will” is also one of my favorite kids and we had a great time playing while I gave others a (short) turn holding Salem!

Next we headed to dinner with one of Will’s best friends and his wife. We tried this new bbq place, Camel City, that was made even cooler by the arcade inside. I challenged my husband to skeeball and lost. Will’s best friend and his wife are expecting their first child in October. We found out right before the wedding and with all the craziness going on this was the first time we really got to celebrate.


And finally, the best part! On Sunday we drove to see one of my all-time favorite artists in concert. I have seriously seen Matt Nathanson more than a dozen times and every time I love it more. His songs are just so happy. Last night he played one of his songs that I hadn’t heard in a while and reminded us that we control our happiness and we don’t have to let the happenings of the world get us down.

The world don’t speak for us. They lack the confidence
Yeah, we’re only hearts and bones and blood.
But we are giant. Giants

He came out in the crowd for one song and came right to where we were sitting. And touched my shoulder! I fan-girled so hard. And my sweet husband captured it all!



Here is the absolute best part! After the show it started to storm really bad so we couldn’t stay for the meet and greet like we planned. We had a 90-minute drive home and this was some serious lightning. So I tweeted at Matt and he responded! Matt tends to be a little … explicit … in his concerts which is part of what I love. This was an all ages concert so he used camping as a euphemism for sex and it had the adults in the crowd absolutely cracking up. So #camping.


I was so happy I didn’t even care that I couldn’t go to the meet and greet. We got all the way home to learn that Will’s parents, who were supposed to get home at 7:30 still weren’t home because of all the storms. They were flying back from Seattle, got stuck in Atlanta for hours, were supposed to land in Greensboro but the flight got redirected to Raleigh. We had just been in Raleigh for the concert! We stopped at their house, fed the dog and took him out, and then waited to see if we needed to turn around and get them. Luckily the airline gave them a voucher for a cab ride back to Greensboro. I don’t want to think about the cost of that but at least we didn’t have to go get them! They didn’t get home until 2:45 am. Either way I am tired this morning!

Thank goodness for coffee and all your wonderful Monday posts to give me a little motivation this morning!


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6 thoughts on “We Are Giants

  1. Ashley

    I’m seriously so jealous of you right now! My sister introduced me to Matt Nathanson a few years ago, and I’ve been in love with him ever since! Just like you said, his songs are just so happy, and he’s definitely interesting to see live! And the fact that he came right up to you during the concert is just so awesome! I wish that he had made it to Texas!


  2. picturealmostperfect

    I’m with everyone else, loving the tweets & totally jealous of the concert situation! And those ice cream containers are adorbs! Have a fantastic week!


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