Five on Friday | July 29, 2016

Well hello Friday! Boy, am I happy to see you! This was an incredibly busy work week as I was simultaneously carrying two big projects so I am super glad it is Friday and I can turn down the brain activity for a little bit.


I am so looking forward to Sunday. We have tickets to see one of my absolute favorite musicians, Matt Nathanson. He is originally from the Boston area so when I was in college I got to see him a lot and he is absolutely amazing live. Since then he has gotten a bit more famous but still keeps his indie feel. This will be concert number 15-ish for me and I am so excited! I have now seen him perform in MA, NY, CT, SC, NC and PA. I even randomly met him once after a concert. My best friend and I saw him perform in Central Park and as we were walking home we bumped in to him! He was awesome and took a photo and it will always be one of my favorite moments. If you don’t know his music you MUST check him out.



Before I took my current job in March I was working a job I really didn’t like. And it really didn’t like me either so when we parted ways it was a glorious occasion. However, there were two guys I shared a hallway with that I adored. One of them has also left that job so we now all three work at different places. We still talk often and take turns hosting the others for dinner. Last time we got together I made a strawberry cake for dessert and it didn’t occur to me that I was taking a pink cake to dinner with three guys! Oops! Well this week the hubby and I hosted the guys at our place for taco night! It was so great to see them both, and laugh a lot, like we always do when we are together! I don’t miss that job but I sure do miss seeing them every day.



A major part of starting the blog was documenting these newlywed times since I failed to start in time to document our wedding. #LifeHappens. But I am going back and documenting it through Wedding Wednesdays. I started this week with How We Met. Go back and read it. It is a serious reminder we are never in control. And that I am stubborn to a fault. And keep coming back on Wednesdays for more!


Have you all given in to the Pokemon craze? Well my husband and I did. It is silly, yes. But it is also fun. And we like playing together and seeing what how the other person is doing. This picture cracks me up.



GILMORE GIRLS HAS A RELEASE DATE! I literally screamed last night when I saw the trailer and release date. It happens to be four days after my birthday so Happy Birthday to me! I can’t wait for the new episodes. Now time to start watching the show from the beginning in preparation. Oy with the poodles already!

I met Lauren Graham once too, outside a Broadway stage door when she performed in Guys and Dolls. Sometimes I really miss the awesomeness of NYC.


Hope everyone has a super happy weekend. Stay cool out there!


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10 thoughts on “Five on Friday | July 29, 2016

  1. Everyone’s talking about Gilmore Girls today, I’m sooo excited!! That’s so awesome that you met Lauren. I love NYC. I have yet to see a broadway show though! I need to make that happen. I’ve been telling my boyfriend I want to go see Hamlet, but I hear it’s practically impossible to score tickets.


  2. No way you have your picture with Matt Nathanson!!! That is so awesome. I have so much love for his music. I think “All We Are” is an all-time favorite of mine. I haven’t had a chance to see him in concert anywhere near Arkansas, where I live. Sad face. Have a great time on Sunday, though! I’ll light up my cell phone and wave it from here. Lol. 🙂


  3. Ashley

    I love Matt Nathanson so much! We saw him once in concert, and he was such a great performer, even if he did get a little sexual on stage… I just about cried when I saw the Gilmore Girls trailer last night! I’m so excited and I can’t wait!


  4. Sarah Elizabeth

    Matt Nathanson is so good! How fun that you’ve seen him in concert so many times – his music must be the soundtrack of your twenties!

    I cannot contain my excitement about the upcoming Gilmore Girls launch. I am thrilled to pieces to return to Stars Hollow and the characters I love. I hope I’m just blissful when I watch the final minute and feel more satisfied in everyone’s lives compared to how the series originally ended.


  5. Love the idea of wedding Wednesday!!! And Gilmore girls is my birthday present too!! Super excited. I told my Hubby that all I wanted was a quiet hotel room so I could watch and relax. Haha!!!


  6. I love Lauren Graham! She’s beautiful and seems so down to earth. I can’t wait to watch the Gilmore Girls again!
    I haven’t heard of Matt Nathanson, but an going to check out his music right now!


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