Blogtember: Mood Board


Wednesday, Sept. 14: Make a mood board! Are you brainstorming a room re-do, a capsule wardrobe, or already planning for the holidays? Show us your ideas!

I knew there would be tons of cozy fall and winter mood boards and some amazing holiday themed ones. There would probably also be some great room re-do ones that would give me all the heart eyes. So I knew if I did any of them I would just compare mine and think that everyone else had done a way better job!

I was struggling for a theme when my mother-in-law fussed at me the other day that she needed some birthday present ideas. So here is my birthday wish-list mood board!



Vest // Perfume // Sneakers // Book // Bracelet // Bowl // Tea

The great thing about my November birthday is that it is far enough away from Christmas that I never get cheated but close enough that anything I don’t get for my birthday can just roll on to the Christmas list!

Special note on the Snarky Tea, this is a BRAND NEW company started by a friend I used to work with. She is off being an amazing entrepreneur now and I miss working with her. But her Snarky Tea is so great. I love tea but it is always so calming and tranquil in its packaging. These names are SO much better and fit great in real life! Go check them out!

What are you dreaming of this season? Anything already on your must-have Christmas list?

10 thoughts on “Blogtember: Mood Board

  1. picturealmostperfect

    I love this!! Those shoes are my fave I live out of them all fall. Vests are my jam and I’m always looking for new teas. Also you must have an awesome group of friends hahah always doing cool things!!


    1. I live in my current converse, but they are definitely on their last days. My friends are so amazing and creative, sometimes it makes me feel like I am doing nothing with my life in comparison! Not true, but it can seem that way when they are out taking over the world one small business at a time!


  2. Wonderful! I love your mood board! The teas look fabulous (and how cool is it that they’re made by your friend too!) Your vest would be called a “body warmer” in UK and it’s beautiful! Love those, keeps you warm without the annoying extra weight of a jacket. Beyond wonderful choices Erika, great job, sending heaps of huggles xxx

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  3. I love my converse and have definitely gotten my moneys worth out of them. I may need to invest in a new pair soon. However, I’m also eyeing a couple of super cute pair of booties. I just love Fall shoes and boots!


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