Blogtember: What A Day



Saturday, Sept. 10: A day in your life! Take us through it with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.

I meant to take a photo every hour last Saturday to do my day in the life. And I forgot. But my work days are so not worth documenting since I sit in a cubicle all day. So I never prepared for this the way I meant to. Instead I had the idea to do it LIVE today! With the handy WordPress app on my phone I am hoping I can do this throughout the day. And it should be a good one since I took off to the beach for the weekend with my in-laws and cousin. I have a reminder set on my phone for every hour. Let’s see how this goes. At the very least check back at the end of the day and I will have dumped them all in there by then.

The best part of being at the beach is not setting an alarm. But I still woke up around 7:30. At least I got to lay in bed until 8. 

  Coffee on the front deck is my favorite 

I headed down to the beach early so I had it entirely to myself. And I cracked open this new (to me) book. 

Eventually I got some company! My in-laws and Will’s cousin Caitlyn. She’s such an adorable 17-year-old! 

Time for an afternoon drink!

About 4 pm I ventured inside. Mostly because I was starving. 

Watching our Demon Deacons on the iPad because we don’t have cable at the beach house. 

DEACS won! So we headed out to watch the sunset. 

Girls love the beach at sunset

Followed by a late dinner. Crab cakes for me. Yum! 

We took a late night stroll down the beach and had perfect timing to see a sea turtle nest hatch and head down to the water! It was so amazing! I couldn’t take photos because they’d confuse the moon and the flash but just trust me it was incredible. 

And now I’m curling up in bed with a book. Thanks for tagging along for my day at the beach! 

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