Blogtember: Dream Trip


Friday, Sept. 9: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

This is a no-brainer for me. Without question the No. 1 place to visit on my bucket list is Italy. Ok, so it is Italy, Sicily and Greece. So that is three places and not just one, but it is my bucket list and I can be greedy if I want to.

Originally when we got engaged and we started dreaming up the ideal honeymoon we both agreed on a Mediterranean cruise. This was just about the easiest decision ever. Well, shortly thereafter we realized we would be paying for our own wedding. So bye-bye Mediterranean cruise.

(Sidenote: We started planning a much smaller honeymoon to Charleston/Savannah but before we booked anything we were gifted an incredible trip to Hawaii. It was a total dream, so either way we would have passed on the Mediterranean cruise. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much we loved our honeymoon.)

Anyway, once we officially halted all Mediterranean planning we put it back on the bucket list for an anniversary trip. Three years if we are really lucky, if not five-year anniversary for sure.

Will has been to Italy as part of a Eurotour he did in college but I have never been to Europe at all. So he is going again. Sorry I am not sorry.

My maiden name is Carrubba and my paternal grandfather was born and raised in Sicily and came to America as a teenager. So going there is a must for me at some point in my life. And I have always wanted to go to Italy and Greece.

We figured a cruise would be a great way to see a bunch of locations and it is another thing that I have never done and always wanted to. We periodically look at cruises that hit all three of those locations and they usually also hit some other places that are interesting to us. Depending on where we fly in and our of we will also get in a day or two early or stay a day or two late and do some additional exploring.

In some ways I am glad I never got an opportunity to take this trip before because I am so much more excited to do it with my husband. And it will be great to see some things he saw already and mix in some new places to him as well.

Just a quick search revealed one we would absolutely LOVE! Rome > Crete > Mykonos, Greece > Ephesus, Turkey > Santorini > Athens > Sicily > Naples> Rome. Yes please!


Have any of you done a Mediterranean cruise or been to Italy, Sicily and Greece? What are your must see spots? Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?


6 thoughts on “Blogtember: Dream Trip

  1. Ashley

    I hope that you get to go on that Mediterranean cruise! My great grandparents immigrated from Czechoslovakia so I’ve always felt a draw to Prague, so I totally understand how you feel! So many amazing places to visit, so little time, right?


  2. Italy is an incredible country and I really hope you get the chance to go! Being in Rome was so surreal! I would love to do that cruise you have up there! Santorini is a place I’ve been dreaming about forever!


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