Blogtember: My Messy House


Thursday, Sept. 8: A house/apartment/room tour! Give us a glimpse of your space.

I had such great intentions for this post. I love our little house but let me emphasize little. When we bought our house over two years ago we weren’t even engaged yet, both had jobs that paid next to nothing and everything we owned was leftover from college. So we scraped up what we could and bought a tiny town house that we call our own. And I love it. But we have started to outgrow it.

All guests are greeted by our Carolina Panthers flag!

Since we bought it we have both upgraded jobs (and salaries) and gotten married and added a ton of new items to the house thanks to our sweet family and friends. But it means I feel like we can’t find a place for everything and our second bedroom is one big closet. Add to that we are hosting a get together tonight for the Carolina Panthers/Denver Broncos game tonight and even my living room isn’t in it’s normal state. We moved the couch and there is a plastic table cloth on the dining room table.

But I didn’t want to miss a day, so here is a little view of my messy home. That I love. But I have secretly started looking at bigger houses on Zillow. I know we are about two years away from actually moving but a girl can dream.


Our dining room and living room are one big space. Usually the couch acts as a divider for the room but we swung it back to make more room for our guests tonight. And here is some real life for you. I have never vacuumed our house. Will is in charge of the vacuum. He even picked out the one he wanted and is very particular about how the room is vacuumed.

The buffet piece in our dining room is one of my favorite pieces of furniture we own. It came out of Will’s parent’s dining room when they renovated and is nearly 100 years old. We painted it white (yay chalk paint) and I think it looks amazing.

When we were looking for houses I dreamed about an open kitchen. I love to cook but I hate being separated from everyone. Well I didn’t get my dream and my kitchen seriously lacked storage but we added a pantry and I have come to love my little space.


The box and small table are currently a placeholder for a kitchen cart we ordered. If you frequent this little place on the internet you know we ordered it and the top came cracked and we had to call and ask for a replacement. Well our replacement got back ordered until January. No thanks. So now I am on the search for another one. Cross your fingers for me!

Here are some close ups of my favorite kitchen details


The canisters were a Christmas gift from Will’s mother and I am obsessed with them. I have also gotten the matching mixing bowls since then and they are the best. Since I don’t work nights and weekends anymore I have become way more organized at home and one thing I did was print out this fun weekly schedule and stick it in a frame. Some fun colored dry erase markers make it easy to throw up a weekly schedule of dinners. This week I don’t seem to be cooking much but Tuesday’s turkey burgers were delicious.

And yes I am a bad wife who is heading to the beach this weekend, with my in-laws, while Will has to stay and work. I should probably feel worse about this than I do.

So there is the downstairs floor of our house. It is small but it is ours and I promise I do love it.

Does everyone feel like they don’t have enough space? How do you keep your kitchen organized? Do you have a weekly menu displayed anywhere?


9 thoughts on “Blogtember: My Messy House

  1. picturealmostperfect

    I was totally secretly hoping you’d post a full house tour! Fulfilling my curiosities 🙂 thank you! Haha. Ok so I love that Will is the vacuum-er and even has his special one! Caleb does too! Men. I love your menu board and it’s totally ok to escape for the beach, it brings you joy. Happy wife, happy life. I also love the hangings behind the kitchen sink! Lovely abode 🙂


    1. Well that is the full downstairs, except the half bath. Maybe when I get a little motivated and clear out the boxes in the second bedroom I will show upstairs. Those hangings behind the kitchen sink are super special too, they are all handmade pot holders in Vermont. I have family up there and they always send me one or two for Christmas every year. Some I actually use and some I display.


  2. I was just going to say that buffet in the dining room is amazing!!! I can see why it is your favorite piece. I wish we had a dining room in our current house but we just have an eat in kitchen. I am so ready to move to something bigger as well! We started looking last year but then I got pregnant and that came to a halt haha. I am constantly checking real estate listings even though I am sure it will be at least a year before we start looking.


  3. Hi Erika,
    I love your home! It’s so not messy! It’s beautiful and how gorgeous is your buffet unit (it’s called a sideboard here in Scotland) I would love to have a dining room! We just have a dining table in the corner of our not big living room 🙂 The dining table used to be in the kitchen but Hubby (after me complaining incessantly about lack of storage er I mean mentioning it casually lol) fitted me a new base unit and worktopalong that wall and I couldn’t bear to part with our dining table so it’s come into the living room. The table was my Gramma’s and is very beautiful. Hoping you had a fab Panthers party (and that your team won) and you’re looking forward to a fab weekend, huggles xxx


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