Blogtember: 5 Things That Bring You Joy


We are a week in to Blogtember and going strong! How is everyone else doing? I love today’s prompt and honestly had a hard time narrowing it down to five. So here are five of the many things that bring me joy!

  1. This guy. My sweet husband. Will.

2. My two very best friends in the world. I couldn’t do life without these two.

3. The beach.


4. Books.

5. Who am I kidding? I can’t pick just five. Here are a bunch more. Coffee, wine, traveling, football, Kate Spade, cooking, glitter, sunshine, reality TV, fresh flowers and chocolate!

What brings you joy?


8 thoughts on “Blogtember: 5 Things That Bring You Joy

  1. picturealmostperfect

    Great list! I love that good friends all just start to mold together into this awesome reality where you’re so much alike you start to look alike. Meaning your friends and you look alike in the very best way! Also, yes to more than five! Which is good right?!


  2. Hi Erika, You’re so right!! why not 10 things that bring us joy (or 20?) it’s so difficukt to narrow it down and I picked my Hubby (he really is my best friend) and books to and OMG do I adore the beach!! Is there anything more calming that sitting on the beach, wiggling my toes in the sand (always, shoes are chucked instantly, love it!) and listening to the sound of the waves! Such joy! Have a fabulous weekend Erika, sending heaps of hugs xxx


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