Blogtember: Goals


Thursday, Sept. 2: Share your list of current goals

Not that long ago I shared that I am just 79 days away from turning 30. Woo. When did that happen? And since I was a little behind in creating a 30 before 30 goals list I made a condensed one of things I could really accomplish in just three months. After the big 3-0 I will do a 40 before 40 with some bigger things that take more time/planning/money. But here is a quick updated on 30 before 30. (the ones in purple have been done since the first post)

  1. Get Married! May 28, 2016. I don’t know why it seemed so important to be married before I was 30 but it really did. Thankfully my husband wasn’t quite as caught up on that as our wedding was a few months past his 30th birthday!
  2. Take a yoga class I took my first ever yoga class at the YMCA on Monday and loved it. I have a huge knot that lives in my shoulder and it was amazing how much yoga helped ease that discomfort. Definitely going back for more.
  3. Order our wedding album
  4. Fix the fireplace
  5. Hang shelves above the TV
  6. Learn how to make ice cream  I made ice cream in our KitchenAid and the ice cream attachment that came as a wedding gift. It was delicious. Recipe here.
  7. Go to NYC
  8. Make a photo album from our honeymoon
  9. Throw a football season kick-off party
  10. Watch a movie outside  We went to an outdoor movie in the new park that opened in our town. Inside Out is just as good when viewed on a picnic blanket with friends!
  11. Clean out/organize my closet
  12. Make/buy a wreath for the front door
  13. Sign up for a 5k
  14. Read 5 new books including the Year of Yes (1/5) Memory Man by David Baldacci
  15. Bring home a puppy
  16. Take a Barre class
  17. Research buying a camera
  18. Go to the state fair
  19. Decorate office
  20. Blog every day in September with Brave Love Blog Let’s go day 2!
  21. Be intentional about relaxing with my husband
  22. Co-host wedding shower for Matt and Carolyn Invitations have been sent and the menu set. We are on our way.
  23. Go on a Charlottesville wine and beer tour Best. Weekend. Ever. Day 1 and Day 2
  24. Design Christmas cards
  25. Go to Wyndham Championship I love golf and this weekend was so much fun. Even if I did sweat the entire time. But I got to see Rickie Fowler so win.
  26. Have a picnic We technically did pack and eat a picnic at the  outdoor movie but I might have to do a second one because we had so much fun
  27. Join a committee at church
  28. Bring lunch three times a week for a full month
  29. Go to Carolina Panthers game
  30. Send three pieces of just because happy mail

Progress isn’t bad at all! What are your goals for September? For the fall? Before your next birthday?


7 thoughts on “Blogtember: Goals

  1. Ashley

    So I didn’t ever think that I would be a real fan of goals until I made my 101 in 1001 lost. It’s been so much fun to try check things off and get things done that I’ve been putting off for a while. I love your 30 before 30 list and you’ve already done so much! I hope that you get your wedding album ordered soon! We waited 3 years for ours which is too long!


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