Wedding Wednesday: Surprise Engagement Party

I can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to Wedding Wednesday. It is easily my favorite day around this little blog and exactly why I wanted to start blogging in the first place!

Last week I shared Will’s amazing surprise proposal. On a Tuesday. At 3:30 in the afternoon. While I was at work. Needless to say he surprised me big time. Which was totally his goal since I had said the exact words “you will never surprise me now that you waited so long” during my why-haven’t-you-proposed meltdown.

After I said yes, we took photos on campus, I got my stuff from my office (hello, I’d been working all day) and we headed home. We called my parents and siblings and grandparents who all live far away first. Then Will said we were meeting his parents for dinner, which totally made sense since they live in town. I gave Michelle, our stellar videographer, a huge hug and we agreed our pre-proposal dinner plans for the next night would still happen.

Will had taken my “you will never surprise me” comment to heart and little did I know I was about to be in for surprise number two of the day. I was trying to call some of my very best girl friends when Will insisted we were going to be late for dinner with his parents and the girls would have to get a text for now and more later. I agreed and we hopped in the car to head over to his parents house. As we turned the corner on to their street Will started rolling down the window. I thought he was crazy, it was December. Cold. But when I looked at his parents front yard I understood why. Dinner with his parents was actually a surprise engagement party with 30 of our closest friends! Including Michelle, who had convinced me I would see her the next night and the girls I was trying to text. I’m pretty sure a very classy “what the hell” was heard by everyone when I saw all the cars. Oops.


Not only had Will pulled off the surprise engagement I told him he couldn’t, but he had 30 of our best friends in on the surprise and waiting to celebrate just a few hours later. These people had known for two or three weeks and I had talked to them all in that time. No one spilled the beans. It was incredible.


The best surprise came from one of Will’s best friends who lives three hours away from us. He and his wife had told Will they wouldn’t be able to make it on a week night with work the next day because of the distance. At the last minute they were able to rearrange some work things and called Will’s parents to say they were coming but wanted to surprise Will since everything else had been about surprising me. It was honestly one of the greatest moments to see Will so surprised to see them!

We ate tons of yummy food that Will’s mother had (bought) for the night and drank champagne and hung out around the fire pit in the back yard. We got some of the sweetest cards and three amazing ornaments that will continue to be my favorites for years to come. Will’s Dad gave a great speech where he mentioned how nice it was that we were FINALLY engaged and everyone laughed because they knew I’d been a little impatient lately!

One of my absolute favorite moments was opening a gift from my insanely talented friend May. She owns an incredibly successful calligraphy business All She Wrote Notes which you should definitely check out. Now. She made me this amazing hand drawn print of Wait Chapel, knowing Will was going to propose there. And it is black and gold which are Wake’s colors and would be our wedding colors too. It has prominent placement in our living room and it one of the things I would absolutely grab if our house was burning down.


It was an amazing night and one I will certainly never forget!



10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Surprise Engagement Party

  1. Awwww how sweet!! I love reading about surprise engagement parties! They are so much fun! I can’t believe they all kept quiet for that long! My husband only told 2 people his guy best friend and my girl best friend and she said she had to stay away from me for the week that she knew bc she was worried she would slip up!


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