Netflix and Chill



I’ve seen this on a few blogs and decided I needed to take my turn. I have always loved me some Netflix but I have found I both love it way more and I am way more critical of it since we canceled cable. Netflix and Hulu are our primary ways to watch anything so I have strong opinions. 

What are your favorite series to watch on Netflix?
I have binge watched my fair share of shows on Netflix, including House, Numbers, NCIS, The Glades. Fixer Upper, Iron Chef and Friday Night Lights.


What are you currently watching on Netflix?
 I have been watching Royal Pains and Gilmore Girls on my own and Stranger Things with my husband. We both love Stranger Things and can’t believe how good their original content is. We also want more House of Cards, like yesterday.

If you could have one series, old or new, put on Netflix, what would it be?
I really wish they would put Veronica Mars back on there.


What is your one peeve about Netflix?
 They actually have way less content on there than they used to, because competition from Amazon, Hulu and others. I hate that sometimes I have to dig to find out if what I want to watch is on Netflix or the others. #firstworldproblems

What are your essentials for a perfect night with Netflix?
I am all about posting up with some wine and popcorn and binge watching. Also a blanket, because I am always freezing.


Recommend one series or film for someone else?
Gilmore Girls to prep for the new episodes. And I have definitely been telling everyone about Stranger Things.


Name a series on Netflix that you keep meaning to watch but haven’t.
Lost. I know, I am like the only person on the planet that hasn’t watched it. And I keep meaning to and then I don’t.



2 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill

  1. I have never seen Lost before…I don’t really think I care to. I want more House of Cards too!!! That show is seriously so good! Right now we are binging One Tree Hill. I never watched it the first time around.


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