This or That

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This week I saw both Annie from Home of Malones and Emily from A Little Bit of Emily do a “This or That” post and I thought it looked so fun I had to do it myself! I used their questions and added a few in my own. Please play along if you would like!

Pizza or Tacos? Tacos. All day. Every day.

Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian? Taylor Swift. Her songs are just so catchy!

iPhone or Android? iPhone. Our house is a mini apple store.

Paper Books or Kindle (iPad/iphone)? Can’t I just have both. I love paper books at home but my iPad is great for travel.

Beach or Mountains? Beach.

Pumps or Flats? Flats.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee. Otherwise the world would hate me.

Coffee Iced or Hot? Hot. Even in the summer.

Morning Person or Night Owl? I am a morning person married to a night owl. So basically I am tired all the time.

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram. I still have Facebook but I almost never post.

Adam Livine or Blake Shelton? Blake Shelton.

What’s worse? Laundry or Dishes? Dishes. That’s why my husband does them.

Big bag or small purse? Small purse.

Running – treadmill or outside? No thanks, give me a Zumba or yoga class instead.

Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction. Real life is all the non-fiction I need.

Lifetime or Hallmark Channel? Hallmark. Especially at Christmas.

Wine or Liquor? Wine!

Movie – Horror or Comedy? Comedy. I love laughing.

Dog or Cat? Dog.

What about you – are you this or that?




2 thoughts on “This or That

  1. Every single one of these I agree with you on!!! Except I enjoy both iced and hot coffee all year round depending on my mood. I like hot in the mornings and iced as a treat if I go to DD or in the afternoons. But seriously agree with you on every other answer!


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