Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

We pick up this Wedding Wednesday a few months after my no-proposal meltdown. I got distracted from my lack of ring by starting a new job at Wake Forest University, my husband’s alma mater. And if there is one thing he loves more than me it is the Demon Deacons. In October the job switch distracted me. In November my birthday came and went.  The first weekend of December my mom and sisters came to visit … and left.

At this point I just assumed Christmas Eve/Day was a given despite my constant saying that I didn’t want a holiday proposal. First, my mother and sister both got engaged on Christmas Eve. Second, it should be its own reason to celebrate. Sorry if anyone got engaged on a holiday, I just thought it should be its own thing. But I just wanted him to ask so I was willing to get over my holiday proposal issues as long as we were engaged!

My mom and sister left on a Monday and on Tuesday I went to work like any normal day. I had a new employee orientation from 8 am to 1 pm and then my boss had asked me to go to the quad and cover a finals week even for social media. I was texting friends about getting together for dinner during breaks of the orientation and at 3 pm I left with one of our photographers to go cover what I thought was the football team handing out snacks during finals week, a very normal occurrence during that time of year in my old job.

Katherine, our photographer, and the Demon Deacon mascot and I all made our way to the quad in front of the iconic Wait Chapel on Wake Forest’s campus. This is THE building you’ve seen if you’ve ever seen a photo of Wake Forest. There weren’t any football players out there yet but I didn’t seem phased by this since they are always late for everything.


I had only been at the job for about six weeks so Katherine decided I needed a photo in front of the chapel for social media. Obviously. She had me stand in front and pose with the mascot while we waited. The mascot took my sunglasses off my head (where they always are) and threw them on the ground. I was about to be annoyed when I felt someone tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Will.


My first thought was what the hell are you doing at my job in the middle of the day? My second thought was holy crap this is happening. As he knelt down I realized the mascot had the ring (awesome) and one of my best friends who also happens to be a videographer, Michelle, was popping up from behind a bush with a camera. Yup this is happening. And I immediately started crying. And obviously said YES!


Turns out there was no finals week event and all the guys in the office were in on it, along with Katherine and Michelle and the Demon Deacon. I am so glad I have this video, because even though it is embarrassing, I would have had no clue what was said if it weren’t for the video.


We hung out and took more photos. Will had the good sense to bring my makeup bag from the bathroom counter so after I was done crying I could fix my makeup for more photos. And he brought my nice winter coat since he had seen me walk out the door with just a Wake Forest zip up. Seriously, what a smart guy.

I love all these photos so much. Who can say they have a college mascot celebrating their engagement!

We went back to my office to collect my stuff and all the guys were waiting to celebrate because obviously they had all been in on it! How amazing that guys I had only worked with for a few weeks were so helpful in planning the proposal and they had watched the entire thing on the webcam of the quad!

We got my stuff and headed home to call my parents and our other friends and family! Will told me we were having dinner that night with his parents who live in the same town as us but that little untruth is for next week.





8 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

  1. OMG this is the absolute cutest! My two sets of grandparents and mom went to Wake Forest! I grew up going to Wake games! My parents actually got married at Davis Chapel! Glad I came across your blog!!


  2. Rebecca Jo

    That is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!
    I love the mascot’s reaction 🙂
    … I got engaged on christmas Eve at the candlelight service – it was great 🙂


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