Come Back Summer!

Hey June and July, please come back, please?!? Seriously I have no clue where those months went but I would love for them to come back. This weekend was our last before my husband’s job on a college campus kicks in to high gear and he works most weekends. In fact he has to work this coming Saturday so this past weekend was it. Now in the past I also had to work all those Saturdays but with the new job I strictly work Monday-Friday so I will have to start figuring out what to do when he is gone all day!

This weekend was a little all over the place. Friday was super low key. We hung out at the house and watched the Olympics. Because I can’t get enough. Seriously.

I didn’t set an alarm on Saturday for the first time in months and it was glorious. And I did something I never do, slept past 9 a.m. Who knew I was still capable? Anyway, I got up and got to work cleaning off the table in our kitchen. When we bought the house two years ago we put Will’s old high top table in our kitchen and my dining room set in the dining room. Well, I knew very early his table wasn’t staying in the kitchen. It was too big and we never sat at it. It just became a giant mail pile. Last week Wayfair was having a huge sale so I ordered this adorable kitchen cart and was so excited to get some space back in my tiny kitchen. On Saturday I cleaned off the table, gave it a good cleaning and posted it on Craigslist. It sold within 2 hours!


After we got it sold Will and his dad opened the box to the new kitchen cart to start putting it together. Well, just my luck, the counter top came with a big old crack in it. So I called Wayfair and they are sending me a new one. But for now there is a big empty space in my kitchen.


Saturday continued with dinner with Will’s parents at our favorite greek restaurant and then we went to see Jim Gaffigan. The show was hilarious but let me tell you outdoor shows in August in North Carolina are rough. It was HOT. Will’s dad got us great seats and Jim Gaffigan even did the Hot Pocket sketch I love so much as his encore. A great night!

Sunday was full of grocery shopping, meal prep for the week and more Olympics! I tried out a new recipe for a peach pound cake that was delicious too! Please excuse my husband’s finger in the picture. It was late and I didn’t realize his finger was there until he had already cut out a big piece to eat! #reallife



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7 thoughts on “Come Back Summer!

  1. Ashley

    That sucks that your table had a huge crack in it from Wayfair, but at least they’re sending you another one! I don’t know how people survived in the heat before air conditioning! It seems like it just gets hotter and hotter every year! I hope that your week is off to a good start!


  2. Glad they’re sending a new top! But still such a bummer, you get all excited and ready and then nope sorry not today. Ugh. Peach pound cake sounds amazing!


  3. Oh man, I hate when I go to finally put something together like that and it is broken. Boo!!! Awesome that you sold your table so quickly though!!! I refuse to do outdoor events in the summer like that for that very reason. I can’t handle the heat!


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