Things I Love: Simplified Planner

A few weeks I told you about my love for Rachel Tenny’s bouquet prints. Today I am back to tell you about another one of my favorite products. This is an Erika Essential. I can’t live without … my Emily Ley Simplified Planner!


Now to me, planners are a deeply personal decision. You have to make the one that is right for your schedule, lifestyle and family. But I am now on my fourth Simplified Planner and I couldn’t imagine changing. Some people swear by Erin Condren and they are great, just not for me. I would love to use a Kate Spade planner so it matched everything else I own. But again, the layout doesn’t work for me. One of my best friends swears by a $15 planner from Michaels and she is one of the most organized people I know. My husband mocks my need for a paper planner as he puts everything in his iPhone. You just have to do what works for you!

This year I made a big switch. I had been using the daily planner for the last three years and this year I switched to the weekly. In my previous job I worked in college athletics, which meant events almost every day, 7 days a week, September through May. Add in my husband works in college athletics at a different school and our schedules were insane. So I needed the daily to have any clue what was going on. Since I switched jobs in March I found I wasn’t filling the space in my daily so I jumped to a weekly this year and on day three I am loving it!


Things I love

  1. The fun patterns and colors the planners come in. I am not going to lie, my one hesitation to getting the weekly is I couldn’t get the gold pineapple. So I am hoping the weekly gets that fun pattern next year.
  2. The spot for dinner! I am the sole dinner provider in my house. My husbands idea of making dinner is ordering takeout. So this little box is my best friend.
  3. The uplifting and motivational quotes. I love them. They always seem to perfectly match what is going on too. My friends love their daily snapchats of the quotes too.


I also bought the Best Day Ever page marker and I love to keep that on the monthly calendar page while the ribbon hangs out in the current week.

When we got engaged I purchased the Thank You Notepad. I put it right by the spot we always drop the mail and as wedding gifts and cards came in they were written on the Thank You Notepad immediately. It made writing thank you notes a million times easier! They were all in one place and when we filled up a page or two we would stop and write a few notes instead of doing a hundred of them at one time!


Basically, Emily Ley is my spirit animal and if you aren’t following her on instagram you are missing some serious fun and inspirational quotes.

What is the key to keeping your life organized?

4 thoughts on “Things I Love: Simplified Planner

  1. Rebecca Jo

    I like that one is wire free but I dont think the week spread would work for me – I need more space.
    The struggle for a perfect planner IS REALLLLLL


  2. I just had a planner discussion yesterday with a few girls that are obsessed with them. I want to use a planner and love it. I really do. And every year I buy a cute one from Target saying to myself that if I can just use it for a year and don’t quit it…then I will invest in a fancy one that next year. I never last more than a few months with it. I don’t know if I paid more for one I would justify using it more or not? Haha


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