Wedding Wednesday: How We Met

A major part of starting this blog is that I was upset with myself for not better documenting our dating, engagement and wedding planning. Since I can’t go back in time and change that I figured I would try and document as much as I can now while it is still fresh in my mind! Wedding Wednesday seems like the absolute perfect way to jump right in and play catch up.

Before we get to the wedding I thought I should back alllll the way up to when and how we met.

In the summer of 2011 I was a totally cliché 20-something female. I was single, had an amazing group of girlfriends, a job I loved and no interest in rocking the boat by dating. I was actively not dating. I had been single for about six months after a three year relationship that just wasn’t the right one and I needed a break. I was spending my days working my tail off and my nights and weekends with my friends, making dinner, watching movies, laying by the pool, drinking all the wine and laughing until our stomachs hurt. I am not exaggerating when I say that my husband gets sick of how many times my girlfriends and I tell the same stories from that year. It was a good one.

Around Memorial Day weekend I was invited to a cookout at a friends house that I had zero intention of attending. I had just gotten back from the beach and had mountains of laundry and desperately needed to go grocery shopping. But naturally I decided to procrastinate and head over to the cookout. Once I got there a friend introduced me to a wonderful woman who worked at the same place I did and I had no clue. She and I immediately hit it off and she invited me to a wine festival the following weekend. Turns out she and I had many mutual friends who were going so I joined in and boy am I glad I did.


Jenn and I at the wine festival



At this wine festival our little group kept growing and shrinking as people ran in to friends and friends of friends at different tents and restaurants. Turns out a lot of us knew each other or at least knew of each other. We ran in to a guy I worked with and his new girlfriend. She introduced us to a bunch of guys she worked with. This is when Will and I met.

Now before you think it was love at first sight or anything let me tell you this is real life and not the movies. We shook hands, nice to meet you and then he walked away. And I talked to his best friend for the next 20 minutes. Seriously. I still adore his best friend, he was in our wedding and I can’t wait for his wedding in a few months. His fiancé is amazing. But yeah, Will and I said about 10 words to each other and went on our happy way.

I left that wine festival with little memory of meeting Will and definitely no plan to ever speak to him again.

Thank goodness for our friends. The lovely woman he worked with, who was dating my friend is Jenn. Jenn got to thinking a few days later about how Will and I were perfect for each other and texted me about this. Cue me rolling my eyes. I loved being single remember. But Jenn persisted and gave Will my number anyway. I was sitting at a baseball game, enjoying summer and my friends, when Jenn sent me a text that I was going on a date with Will whether I liked it or not because she KNEW we would be a great couple. One of my friends with me at the game said “what is the worst that can happen, you get free dinner.” And this is how I was convinced to go on a date with my husband.

The Charlotte Knights baseball game when Jenn texted me


My only question to Jenn before I agreed to this was “how tall is he.” Yup, at 5-9 I can’t be dating any short dudes. When she answered 6-5 I knew I didn’t have a choice.

Will started texting me and we talked a little, mostly enough to schedule a first date. On the day of I tried to bail. I really didn’t want to go. But my roommate threatened to kick my ass if I passed up a date with a tall, smart (he went to Wake Forest I found out) and employed guy. So she promptly pushed me out the front door of our apartment and locked the door with the promise to send an SOS text in one hour if I needed it.

Will found me standing on the curb, and many months later would ask me why I was out there and the true story of me being locked out by my roommate would become one of the running jokes of our relationship.

We went to a beautiful dinner, drank a great bottle of wine and talked for hours. I ignored the SOS text from my roommate and we closed down the restaurant. We had the best time and the conversation was really easy. We had a ton in common, mainly our love of all sports and our careers in college athletics.

Green Valley Grill, site of our first date


He dropped me off after dinner and promised to call me soon for a second date. I was leaving the next day for a week in Connecticut with family so I told him I would talk to him when I got back. That night he friended me on Facebook (welcome to dating in 2011). We did text a little while I was gone but we had dinner the very day I returned home and never looked back.

When I was single I hated when people said that as soon as you stop looking you will find someone. That drove me crazy. But in my case it was totally true. It was also true that my very stubborn nature almost got in my own way and I am very lucky to have some equally pushy friends.

Now you know how Will and I met but we have a long way to go from first date to married! Can’t wait to share more of our love story!

How did you meet your significant other?


10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: How We Met

  1. Ashley

    That’s such a sweet story! I love that your roommate had to practically kick you out of the house so you would go on a first date with him. I totally agree with the whole you’ll find somebody when you’re not looking because that’s totally what happened with my husband and I!


  2. Haha I love that you tried to bail! Chris and I met on a dating site back in 2010 when it was still a little taboo to do so. I tried to friend zone him once I found out he lived in a different state but he was persistent and I am so glad he was! I too had a friend that told me I needed to go on a date with him and whats the worst that can happen. So glad she pushed me too!


  3. Love hearing about how couples met!! My husband and I also didn’t have a love at first sight meeting, in fact our first interaction was him asking if I liked maple syrup (he’s from Vermont) and me saying “no” and him walking away planning on not speaking to me again hahahaha – Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine


  4. I love hearing people’s stories…. they are all so fun & unique.
    I love our story – I think I blogged about it before .. we ‘met’ so many times through life. Its so cool. totally can tell we were meant to be together.
    Cant wait to hear more of your story


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  6. Sarah Elizabeth

    This is adorable! Your friends are so sweet to push you in that direction – sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see that we’re ready! I love that your first date was spent talking for hours – those are the absolute best!


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