If you haven’t found your way to Rachel Tenny‘s little corner of the internet you are seriously missing out. I drool over her watercolor prints constantly but her custom work is my absolute favorite. Last year I went to visit my friend and she had one of Rachel’s bouquet prints hanging in her living room. All she had to do was send Rachel a photo of her wedding bouquet and she painted it and now is hangs beautifully in her living room.



I was already engaged at that point and knew right away I would be getting one done after the wedding. I am waiting on those wedding photos to get the ball rolling! I can’t wait to have this beautiful forever piece of art work of my bouquet. True story, my bouquet came from the local farmer’s market. Along with my maid of honor and one bridesmaid we got up super early that morning and headed down to the farmer’s market. We picked out our flowers that day for a fraction of the price of the florist. I loved the wildflower look and feel of our bouquets. This really only worked because there are so many options for flowers in May in North Carolina. But if you have this option I highly suggest it!


One other thing Rachel does that I love is the #SpreadLoveMailSwap. The idea is to send a little happy present to someone else and you get one in return. I have seen her do these but always just missed participating for some reason. But this time I saw and signed up immediately! I got this great bracelet and notepad from Stephanie and a box that absolutely exploded confetti! There is still a confetti trail from the mailbox to the front door! If you are out there Stephanie, thank you and I hope you enjoyed your package as well!



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