Meet Virginia – Day 2

Hope everyone enjoyed day one of our weekend in Virginia and if you missed it catch up before I jump in to day two! It was nice that we went to bed at a decent hour on Saturday night and everyone felt pretty rested and ready for Sunday’s adventures.

Our first stop of the day was Barboursville Winery. This was one of the best tastings I have ever done. First, it was a huge tasting at a really good price. There were five stations with approximately four wines at each stop. Each person really knew their stuff and the wines were very good. The grounds are gorgeous and we had a fun time exploring the ruins of an old house that was designed by Thomas Jefferson but partially burned down. We bought a few bottles at this stop because we enjoyed it so much and they don’t distribute in our area. Our favorites were the Sauvignon Blanc Reserve, Philéo, Barbera Reserve and Brut Rosé Cuvée 1814.

On our way to the next winery we saw a sign for a cider place we hadn’t heard of but we made a u-turn and decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did because Castle Hill ended up being one of Will’s favorite stops of the trip. I had to make him cut back on his purchases he liked it so much. We brought home the Black Twig and 1764 but it could have easily been a lot more!

We got back on the road and were pretty hungry so we went to Trump Winery and decided to have lunch before our tasting. This stop was weird for us. The couple we traveled with had been there multiple times and had great tastings and really enjoyed themselves. We started with lunch and the food was really great. Will got the BLT and I got the crab cakes. Both were phenomenal, some of the best crab cakes we’ve ever had. The view from their outdoor seating area is also stunning and we were really enjoying ourselves. When we went inside for a tasting things took a turn for the worse. Then young man doing our tasting barely talked to us, was very short when we asked questions, and poured barely enough to taste. None of the wines were that good and his poor service and attitude certainly didn’t help. It also ended up being the most expensive tasting we did all weekend, with the fewest wines. We all left there in a very sour mood and had to work to get back to our happy tasting selves before the next stop.

The next stop was one I had been looking forward to since we started planning the weekend. Blenheim is owned by Dave Matthews and I love his music and his wine equally. Dave Matthews does some of the bottle artwork himself and the staff here was so friendly and helpful. Most of what you find in stores is from his California winery so it was fun to try these local Virginia ones. They had two wines on tap that came in a fun growler, and I really liked the idea of serving wine like a beer. So naturally we got one that came in the growler but we liked the rose a lot, we just had already purchased so much!

We thought we were done for the day but on the way home we saw one more cidery that we decided to pop in. Albemarle was a really cute little barn with pretty tasty ciders. We didn’t like it as much as Bold Rock or Castle Hill but we still finished our entire tasting!

After that we officially hit the road home. The ladies napped in the back seat while the guys handled the driving. In total we hit 5 wineries, 5 cideries, 1 distillery and 1 brewery. We had a great weekend and came home with tons of things to enjoy and remember the trip by.


Have any of you done a winery tour of Virginia? Do you have any favorite spots we missed?

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