Food Trucks & Philly Cheesesteaks

IMG_5629.JPGWhen I started my new job three months ago I was incredibly excited about a lot of things but one being the location! I have lived in Greensboro for five years but always commuted to other towns for work. I love that my new office is right downtown in the middle of the action! Greensboro has been under going a great rejuvenation the last few years as well so this is a great time to be here. When I first moved here downtown was more than a little sketchy, but the city has done such a great job making the area fun and safe again!

One of my absolute favorite things about my new office location is Center City Park is right across the street. Sometimes if I need to step away from the computer screen I will take my lunch out there and it is beautiful. For the last few weeks eating in Center City Park has become my Wednesday ritual. They sponsor Tunes and Noon and have food trucks out there. And let me tell you, I LOVE a food truck. I have no idea why, but I just love all the food trucks in this area!


Today my options were The Pearl Kitchen and Taqueria El Azteca. I’ve had Taqueria before and we have Mexican on the menu for dinner tonight so I opted to try The Pearl.


I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak and while it wasn’t the greatest one I have ever had it was still delicious and filling! I added a little mustard and it was gone in no time. After I had ordered someone walked away with a cheeseburger that gave me plate envy in a major way. So maybe next time I will try the that.


Every week the food trucks are different and I wait anxiously for them to announce who will be out there each Wednesday! Can’t wait to share more yummy local food with everyone!

Do you like food trucks or does the idea of eating food out of a truck freak you out? What is your favorite local food trucks?




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