Let’s Make Dadmosas!

This weekend at the beach was the perfect combination of relaxing, fun and celebrations! We didn’t just celebrate the Fourth of July but also my Father-In-Law’s birthday. In honor of his birthday we decided to make him a special drink: a dadmosa!

Originally, I had gotten an email from Minted with this recipe before Father’s Day. And we had every intention of making them that weekend. But we just plain forgot. So we saved them for his birthday and let me tell you they are a prefect beach drink. We made them one morning and they were delicious. We made more one evening to take on our sunset stroll and they were still delicious! I linked to the Minted post as well but here is how we made ours!


• 3/4 bottle of beer – we used Natty Greene’s Wildflower because we love supporting our home town brewery. But any wheat beer or hefeweizen would do. Keep it light and sweet.
• 1 oz. orange juice
• 1 oz. elderflower liqueur


Grab any old glass… you can see we used solo cups so we could take them to the beach and mix the ingredients up. Add a slice of orange and enjoy! It was incredibly simple and we really enjoyed them. We drank them over ice because it was so hot but if you are staying inside you may not need to.


I had never had elderflower liqueur before but it was sweet and subtle. We decided if you didn’t want more alcohol but wanted the sweetness, a simple syrup would be great too.

These were a hit in our house and will definitely be brought back for future brunches and trips to the beach! Enjoy!


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