Five on Friday | July 1, 2016

I am obviously new to blogging and figure a great way to get started is to take part in a post I have been reading for a while. So without further ado here is my very first Five on Friday!



Happy July! This is seriously one of my favorite months of the year. July 4th is my absolute favorite holiday and there are few things I love more than watching fireworks. Seriously. I’ve made my husband stay until the end of a thousand minor league baseball games so I can watch the fireworks. Our hometown has a great fireworks display for the Fourth but we will actually be headed to the beach for the weekend. My fingers are crossed that we get a great fireworks show there instead.



This week marked a ton of HUGE milestones for me which are all part of the back story I can’t wait to tell on this blog.


June 28 marked one month of being married to my amazing husband. This is one of only a few teaser pictures I have which brings me to my next point. Waiting on wedding pictures is hard. Patience is not my virtue.


June 29 marked FIVE years of dating my amazing husband. He put together this awesome post for it.


July 1 marked SEVEN years since my best friend, JTR, and I packed up my little blue Saturn and moved me to North Carolina. I moved down here for a one-year internship and had every intention of taking my stuff right back to a major northern city at the end of that year. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But I am glad I had the good sense to get rid of that awful tie-dye shirt.



As I mentioned earlier we are headed to the beach this weekend but this isn’t just any weekend at the beach. For over 20 years my in-laws owned a house in Hilton Head. Will and I have been going there since our first summer dating and we have some really awesome memories there. The problem was, at nearly six hours, we just didn’t use the house as much as we all wanted. It was also a two-bedroom house so didn’t have enough room for the grandbabies my mother-in-law is not-so-patiently waiting for. So they decided to sell the house in Hilton Head and buy a house in Oak Island, a quick three hour trip. Will and I were so busy with wedding stuff that we didn’t get to see the house before they bought it and they closed while we were on our honeymoon. We are headed down this weekend for the Fourth/father-in-laws birthday. I can’t wait to make a million new memories at the new beach house. Anyone been to Oak Island and have any must visit locations?



This Gilmore Girls trailer has me even more excited to rewatch every episode in anticipation for the new ones coming soon!



Yesterday Coastal Carolina won the College World Series. First, I LOVE baseball. Second, in my not so past life I worked in college athletics, and specifically with a baseball team in the same conference as Coastal Carolina so I still have friends there and I am so happy for them. I held my breath for the entire bottom of the ninth and got a little misty eyed when the head coach talked about his Dad. It was a great moment and a great end to the season.



Hope you all have a great Friday and a great Fourth of July!




7 thoughts on “Five on Friday | July 1, 2016

  1. First of all, welcome to blogging!! How smart of you to link up with Five on Friday so early on. I can’t wait to read more of your posts. Also, I totally agree on the excitement for the Chanticleers. I don’t watch much baseball, but I love a good underdog story. And that was a winner. Have fun at the beach this weekend!


    1. We are just over a month and I am fighting the urge to email our photographer. I don’t want to be annoying but it is so hard to wait! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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